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About us

Our Mission

We strive everyday to provide our customers a secure and hassle-free cyber shopping experience. As an online boutique shop with no desire to compete with giants like Amazon, we prefer to offer unique niche items in hot trends & styles at fantastic prices. We offer a more friendly boutique shopping experience with a level of service and attention to detail that the giant online merchants struggle to achieve. 

We take pride in the satisfaction level of our clients . As a boutique shop, we enjoy lower overhead costs and that allows us to pass along tremendous savings to our customers. Not having the overhead of a "bricks and mortar" retail store enables us to spoil our customers by offering free shipping on most items.

Our Founders

Chris & Karen were high school sweethearts who re-connected after losing contact for 26 years.  We treasure the opportunity for a second chance at love and have applied that same magical spirit of romance, hope and adventure to every fiber of our store. Its our way of sharing our love story with customers around the world through the products we offer. 

Our Experience

Chris has 18 years experience in B2C product sales and marketing as a Regional Manager for large consumer product manufacturers such as Marietta and the Dial Corp. Chris' experience in product development, design and packaging regulations have been vital to Tower Hill Treasures success in locating and establishing relationships with competent and professional suppliers and manufacturers.

Karen has been a skillfully trained Medical Assistant in a Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery setting who assisted the surgeon with office procedures and biopsies along with more invasive procedures.  Karen also has extensive experience in customer service and client interaction including trade shows, exhibits, event planning and company website revision and maintenance. Her passion for helping others is evident in everything she accomplishes.  Karen's fashion talent has been instrumental in monitoring and choosing product trends and styles that are in demand by women everywhere.
Together, we share a passion for eCommerce with a primary goal of creating affordable, simple products that make daily life a little more pleasant for our clients.